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The Automobile industry is changing at a very fast pace. From BS 6 / BS VI to electric vehicles to scrappage policy in just 2-3 years. The Government wants more and more vehicles to shift to fuel efficient vehicles or to clean energy to control the pollution emission through Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) especially trucks, dumpers, tippers etc.

With the implementation of BS 6 engines, all OEMs – TATA, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Bharat benz, Mahindra etc launched their new range of trucks and commercial vehicles with less fuel consumption and fuel emissions.

TATA Motors has launched a new range of rigid trucks, tractor trailers and tippers with BS 6 engines. 

TATA RIGID TRUCKS range of trucks include TATA ULTRA & TATA LPT – TATA ULTRA 1918, TATA ULTRA 2821 BS6, TATA LPT 2818, TATA LPT 2821 BS6 5L Turbotronn, TATA LPT 3518, TATA LPT 3521, TATA LPT 4225, TATA LPT 4825, TATA LPT 4925. 

TRACTOR TRAILERS include TATA signa range of commercial vehicles from TATA trucks – TATA SIGNA 4018, TATA SIGNA 4625.S, TATA SIGNA 5530.S, TATA SIGNA 5525.S 4X2 BS6

TIPPERS range of commercial vehicles include TATA signa & TATA prima. TATA SIGNA 1923.K, TATA SIGNA 2823.K 9S 6S, TATA SIGNA 2825.K/.TK, Tata SIGNA 2823.K/.TK STD 6S, TATA PRIMA 2825.K/.TK, TATA PRIMA 2830.K, TATA SIGNA 3523.TK, TATA SIGNA 3525.K/.TK, TATA PRIMA 3525.K/.TK, TATA PRIMA 3530.K, TATA SIGNA 4225.TK, TATA SIGNA 4825.TK.

Ashok Lyeland’s range of BS 6 trucks are divided into ICV (intermediate commercial vehicles), Haulage (High Commercial Vehicles), Tractors & Tippers. 

Leyland ICV distribution is a mid segment range between LCV and HCV i.e MCV. These include BOSS & Ecomet range of trucks – Boss 1115, Boss 1215, Boss 1315, Boss 1415, Ecomet 1015, Ecomet 1115, Ecomet 1215, Ecomet 1415 & Ecomet 1615. These are further divided into Tipper & HE variants. 

Haulage or HCV range of L/L trucks include Leyland Haulage 1920, Leyland Haulage 2820, Leyland Haulage 3520, Leyland Haulage 4220, Leyland Haulage 4225 and Leyland Haulage 4825. 

Tractor range of Leyland trucks include Leyland 4020, Leyland 4620, Leyland 5225, Leyland 5426 and Leyland 5525.

Tippers range of Leyland trucks include Leyland tipper 1920, Leyland tipper 2820, Leyland tipper 2825, Leyland tipper 3520, Leyland tiper 3525, Leyland tipper 4220, Leyland tipper 4225, Leyland tiper 4825

Mahindra range of commercial vehicles with BS 6 engines include the Mahindra Bolero Pik-up, Mahindra Bolero Maxi truck and Mahindra Bolero Camper Gold DX

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