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In the world of trucking, we know that if even the smallest piece of a part is faulty, it can still create a problem for the driver and the truck. These small parts are very difficult to repair due to their size and the pressure applied to them and are usually replaced with a new one. Well, TRENDY”s wide range of truck auto components include even the smallest spare parts that one might require while repairing or maintenance of a commercial vehicle. 

Springs: Springs are an essential part of many automotive chassis components used in every type of commercial vehicle. For example, a fuel pump spring is essential to pull the plunger outward creating a lower pressure pulling fuel into the chamber from the inlet valve. Other spring parts are also available such as pressure plate spring, brake shoe spring, clutch spring, etc. 

Pins: A variety of spare part pins are available with us at TRENDY, a shackle pin for once, it is used in the shackle of a heavy-duty commercial vehicle which holds the shackle in place while it is locked onto a load or trailer. Shackles can be used in several different rigging and load securement applications to connect different types of lifting slings, chains, or ropes to an object or each other. Other spare part pins include the KAMANI pin, rear KAMANI pin, Bell Crankpin, etc.