Universal Joint Cross in Truck Parts and It’s Uses

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What is a Universal Joint Cross

UJ cross or Universal Joint Cross or Cross is a chassis truck part used alongside with rotating shafts, like drive/ propeller shafts to maintain uniform rotating motion between the two truck parts by coupling the metal rods and allowing the shafts to move flexibly in angular directions like upwards, downwards and sideways. The purpose of a universal joint cross truck part is high torque transmission/ transfer in limited space and time. Here is a simple youtube video to show how UJ cross helps to achieve such torque : 


Below you can see some photos of applications of UJ Cross as truck spare parts for commercial vehicles. UJ cross is used in almost all vehicles – trucks, rotavator, cars, machinery etc.    


Here you can see that for connecting two moving shafts, a universal joint cross is used so that appropriate and equivalent rotating motion can be maintained between the rotating parts of a truck. 

Important parts of a Universal Joint Cross:

  • Cross/ Spider – This is the main structure of the truck part which is fitted inside the shaft. 
  • 4 grease/ grease less Roller Bearing – This is the cover which encompases the other truck parts around and is further attached to the cross/ spider
  • Seal – Inside the roller bearing case, are the oil seal & dust cover seal which ensure proper play and gap between the adjacent chassis truck parts
  • Needle Roller – Needle type roller helps in maintaining circular movements of the rotating shafts. 
  • Thrust Washer – Chillar truck parts such as thrust washer ensures proper distance and play.
  • Circlip/ Snap Ring – 4 rings are attached to each roller bearing case to ensure proper attachment to the shaft. 

Source : GMB

TRENDY model number Vehicle & Size
T776 UJ Cross TATA 1312/1612/1516/1510/2213/2416
T780 Universal Joint Cross JEEP DIESEL [27mmx81mm]
T781 CANTER /MSL TYPE TATA 407 TURBO / JCB SMALL [30mm x 106mm]
T783 UJ CROSS JCB 3DX [35mm x 106mm]
T784 U J CROSS TATA 407 TURBO [30mm x 92 mm]
T787 Universal Joint CROSS TATA 2515 [28 mm x 128 mm]
T791 U.J CROSS TATA 407 OLD MODEL [30 mm x 81 mm]
T794 U.J CROSS 1312/1612/1516/1510/2213/2416 GREASE LESS [46mm x 119 mm]
T827 CROSS LEYLAND BEDFORD [39.5mm x 115mm]
T830 U.J.CROSS 2518(42X120)
T869 U J CROSS HYWA / AMW ( 42X129)
T870 U J CROSS 4018 PATTI TYPE 49.2X170
T872 U J CROSS ACE O/M 24X60
T874 U J CROSS 4018 LOCK TYPE 48X135
T1006 U J CROSS 3516 TAURAS [ 47.6MM ]
T777 UJ cross Rotavator small 38 mm x 102 mm
T778 Cross Rotavator
T823 UJ CROSS rotavator small GREASE LESS 38X102

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