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Door handles and locks are the basic product used in a car or vehicle for opening and closing the door and also for locking it for safety of the vehicle. The Car international made all models we have doors and handle locks for 407/608/709/LPT709/ Mahindra M540/ Sumo/Mahindra Marshal/ TATA Hywa/ TURBO/ Ace/ Magic/ Turbo/ Sierra/ Estate/ Commercial handle. 

Door handles come in various finishes and models depending on the vehicle and OEM. Door handles material are in plastic or metal or chrome or steel. Some door handles have locking mechanisms and some are non-locking. 

T3903Door handle Non-Lock 5202 (407/608/Hwya)
T3904Door handle Locking 5203 (407/608/Hwya)
T3905LDoor handle Lock LH711 (LPT709/Turbo/Sierra/Estate)
T3906RDoor handle Lock RH711 (LPT709/Turbo/Sierra/Estate)
T3907LDoor handle Non-Lock LH712 (LPT709/Turbo/Sierra/Estate)
T3896LRC Lock LD Black OM5204 LH (407/608/Hywa)
T3897RRC Lock LD Black OM5204 RH (407/608/Hywa)
T3898LRC Lock LD Black NM5218 LH (407/608/Hywa)
T3899RRC Lock LD Black NM5218 RH (407/608/Hywa)
T3900RC Lock 713 (TURBO/709/SUMO)

Outer Door handles of LCV Ace magic Sumo are also very popular 

T3901LOuter Handle LH111 (Ace/Magic/Sumo)
T3902ROuter Handle RH111 (Ace/Magic/Sumo)

CI car international Doors also have an important part which is the glass regulator handle which is inside the vehicle and used to move the glass window up or down. 

T3893RG Handle HD501 (407/608/709/M540/Sumo/Marshal)
T3894RG Handle LD5802 (407/608/709/M540/Sumo/Marshal)
T3895RG Handle Metal Bush 740 (ACE/TURBO/Hywa/207 DI/VICTA

The commercial metro or the general type handle is also very common and is used in small vehicles generally.   

T3908Commercial Handle Non-Lock Metro 909
T3909Commercial Handle Locking Metro 910

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