Meaning & Variants Of Coolant Tanks

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A coolant tank assembly or coolant reservoir or coolant tank or reservoir tank is an important part of the cooling system of the TATA, Ashok Leyland, Bharat Benz etc truck. Cooling system consists of following truck spare parts:-

  • Coolant tank – A coolant tank stores the excess coolant produced from the heat in your engine. As the engine heats up, coolant in the engine expands and overflows into the coolant reservoir and is then sent back into the radiator as the truck cools down after shut-off. Your TATA or Ashok Leyland truck relies on your coolant tank to readily accept the excess coolant with each cycle.
  • Coolant pipes – Coolant pipes carry the coolant from the radiator to the coolant tank and back from the coolant tank to radiator.
  • Radiator – The radiator transfers the heat from the coolant or engine fluid inside to the air outside, thereby cooling the coolant, which in turn cools the engine.

Coolant tank’s shape and sizes are different depending on the vehicle of type, make and brand. Coolant tanks are of different materials as well – PVC, PPE, Plastic & Metal. Popular OEM brands which sell coolant tanks – TATA TOYO, BANCO &  ALKRAFT, however, not all models are available with OEM and pricing is also higher for OEM brands. Therefore, Some good brands are also available in market which provide OEM quality coolant tanks at minimum possible price.

We have coolant tanks for TATA trucks, Ashok Leyland trucks, Eicher trucks, BharatBenz trucks. 

Popular TRENDY coolant reservoir tank models for TATA trucks are:-

  1. TATA 1613 – T704
  2. TATA 709 – T705
  3. TATA 1109 – T706
  4. TATA 1109/1612 small – T740
  5. TATA 407 small – T707
  6. TATA prima – T2313 
  7. TATA 3118 – T1671
  8. TATA ultra / 1613/2515 – T3288
  9. TATA ultra 912 – T3395

Popular TRENDY truck spare part’s ashok leyland reservoir tank models:-

  1. Ashok Leyland Dost N/M – T1161
  2. Ashok Leyland – T701
  3. Ashok Leyland Side Hole – T773
  4. Ashok Leyland Dost – T844
  5. Leyland Type 3 – T2311
  6. Leyland with Radiator Cap – T2312
  7. Leyland Cargo – T2389
  8. Leyland 4019 – T2906
  9. Leyland Utruck – T2907

AMW coolant reservoir models in TRENDY spare parts are:-

  1. AMW – T700

Eicher models in TRENDY truck parts are:-

  1. Eicher Jumbo – T2314
  2. Eicher pro – T3652

Mahindra models for coolant tank are:-

  1. Mahindra blazo/navistar – T3501

Bharat Benz models for Coolant tank are:-

  1. Bharat benz single pipe – T3311
  2. Bharat benz double  pipe – T3312

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