Functioning of Air Compressor Head For Trucks / Commercial Vehicles

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Air compressor in a truck or commercial vehicle converts or we can say compresses/ compacts normal air to compressed air so that the compressed air can be used in the brake system, clutch system, lift system etc of the truck.

Air compressor for any truck has these parts:-

1.) Air Compressor head – It has the inlet valve for the normal air to go in. It also houses the Air Compressor plate through which air passes to the piston. New generation vehicles models of TATA 3118, TATA Prima, TATA 4018, Ashok Leyland 3118, Eicher Jumbo, Eicher Canter , Bharat Benz etc all have coolant and oil inside the head to cool the air compressor head. It also has the Air Compressor plate through which air passes to the piston.

2.) Pinion Gear – It controls the movement of the piston up & down so that the piston can perform its functions.

3.) Back & Front cover – Back cover connects the Air Compressor head to the power steering pump. Front cover holds the pinion gear and houses the crankshaft.

4.) Crankshaft – It monitors the movement of the piston so the Air Compressor Head of the truck can convert normal air to compressed air.

5.) Piston & Piston Rings – Piston is one of the most important parts of the air compressor. Piston compresses the normal air which comes from the inlet valve of the air compressor head. By moving the piston up and down, the air is compressed and moved on to the storage tank through the outlet valve as per requirement.

6.) Outer casing – It houses the piston inside and the air compressor head is fixed on the top.

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