5 Ultimate Ways From Which Garage Owners or Service Centres Can Increase Their Income.

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So you own or manage a garage or a spare parts service center for trucks or commercial vehicles or for any type of vehicles? And during this tough time of doing business with Covid19 around the world, you and your business are experiencing reducing sales and profits? And being an action taker, you are looking at some action points or ideas to kickstart the ‘back to normalcy’. You are at the right page.
Read on!.

Remember Always :- 

“World Class begins where your comfort zone ends” – Robin Sharma 

is a rule that many successful people always follow.

Below are points for your service centre or truck repair shop or ‘Tata Motors Authorised Service Station’ (TASS) or ‘ASHOK LEYLAND AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE’ or ‘Mahindra Authorised Service Centres’ or  ‘truck spare parts service centre’ which can help you to increase your revenue and profits.

  • Service Reminder Service – Customers seldomly these days remember the next service date. A gentle reminder to customers regarding their next service due date via service phone call or SMS or Whatsapp or email based on last mileage or time of last service would enable customers to be updated about the vehicle service and trucks spares parts servicing. This would enable you to get more vehicles/ trucks at your service centre as compared to if you were not sending the reminders. For managing the reminders well, you need to maintain records of each vehicle’s/ truck’s – last vehicle service date, last mileage/ km reported, next service due at what mileage, time elapsed since last service, AMC contract details (if any). 
  • Extended warranty/ AMC/ Free Vehicle Health Status Report/ Truck checkup Camp– Customer focussed initiatives like extended warranty at reduced price, Extended AMC, Free vehicle Health status report, check-up camps etc lure vehicle/ truck owners to get their vehicle serviced as well. Many customers don’t want the hassle of negotiating service bills and paying for service bills individually. Your service center can offer an extended all inclusive extended warranty or Annual Maintenance contract. This reduces the uncertainty of expenses at customer’s end. A status report on the health of the vehicle by your service mechanic can help the truck owner to better decide when and spare parts which need to be changed. A free truck check-up camp for say 5days, can attract vehicle’s owners who may be delaying the vehicle checkup. Think and see what extra value can you offer to your customers so that he can come and get the vehicle serviced from you rather than going to another service center or not getting at all.
  • Freebies or snacks or resting places for driver’s – Vehicle Drivers usually get the vehicles for service. When the vehicle is getting serviced, the drivers are usually at the service center. Resting place with a provision of TV and Air conditioning, a free lunch or free water, repair kit etc will attract drivers to come at your service center rather than go to a service center which does not offer these services. Remember, it’s the drivers and helpers, who generally ask the owners for the vehicle service and keeping them happy when they are at the service center, will lure them to come to your service center.
  • Meeting with Transporters/ FLeet owners in your Area – Prepare a list of your customers like big transporters, fleet owners etc or ask for a list from the company which has authorised you as a service center. Arrange for regular meetings of your business development executive with service heads of big customers like Fleet Owners, National level transporters, modern truck aggregators like RIVIGO, BLACKBUCK, TRUCKOLA, PORTER, Letstransport, Trukky  etc. .Remember to get business in a service business, you need to make good relationships. Send them your unique features or guarantees or USP which makes you different from other service providers in the same area. 
  • Ready stock/ Collaboration for truck spares parts for servicing– As per your contract with your authorisation agency like TATA, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Bharat Benz, Mahindra etc, your service center should have ready stock of spare parts or be able to arrange at an instant. Delay due to non-availability of spares would extend the vehicle service time resulting in bad customer service. You have following options sot that spares can be arranged timely- 
    1. Ready stock of authorised spares 
    2. Collaboration with Retail shops nearby like TATA Shoppe, Ashok Leylands Leyparts/ ValueParts
    3. Collaboration with Dealers
    4. Collaboration with spare part distributors 
    5. Collaboration with Dea

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