Best Electrical Truck Parts in Sri Lanka

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Looking for Best Truck parts in Sri Lanka? , TRENDY Truck Parts and Padmashree International caters to all your need for spare parts as we are the leading truck spare part supplier in India. With the additional aftermarket spare parts range of other brands like Eicher, Bharatbenz, Mahindra, etc in Sri Lanka.

We are also the No.1 truck spare part dealers in Sri Lanka providing you with chassis truck parts (suspension system, air system, fasteners, cooling system, gear parts, driveshaft, Bell crank pin, Bell crank washer, Bell crank bush, etc.) and electrical truck parts (headlight, tail light, horn, bulbs, light cover, wires, etc) and are also capable to fulfil spare parts requirements for almost every commercial vehicle in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

We source our products from truck spare parts manufacturers and suppliers who are known for their quality and finish all over the country and provide them to you in Sri Lanka. TRENDY has a network of over 350+ truck spare parts distributors and dealers in India/ Nepal/ Sri Lanka / Bangladesh. We are able to provide readily available products because of our 95% stock availability and dispatch guarantee of your order to Sri Lanka within 60 hours after order confirmation and payment.

TRENDY truck parts brings you the Widest Range of electrical truck parts in Sri Lanka:

  • Switch and Sensors 

Get durable and premium quality switch and sensor truck parts by TRENDY that gives you on time response and has smooth finish. Get switches and sensor truck spare parts in Sri Lanka such as Toggle switches, Headlight switches, Ideal switches, Ignition switches, etc. 

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  • Electrical parts and Bulbs

Superior quality holders and bulbs by TRENDY truck parts at the best prices in Sri Lanka. Electrical parts and bulbs that are durable to withstand water and heat such as Tail Lamp holder, HeadLight holder, Fuse Box, T-10 Bulbs, etc.     

truck parts Sri Lanka

  • Horns and parts

Horns and parts with the best aftermarket prices in Sri Lanka. Grab yourself A1 quality truck parts and horns with long range sound and durable body such as Reverse horn, air pressure horn, horn musical pipe, air pressure horn 2-6 pipe, etc. 

truck parts Sri Lanka

  • Head/Tail Light and covers


Head/Tail Light truck parts with OEM build quality and premium glass finishing. Get Head/Tail light for all types of HCV/LCV in Sri Lanka, such as Headlight Assembly ecco L/R , Headlight Assembly alto L/R, Head/Tail Light Assembly Bolero, Tail Lamp covers, Tail Lamp Bus, etc.

truck parts Sri Lanka

  • Halogen/Fog/Roof Lights


Get Halogen and LED fog lamps for trucks in Sri Lanka that are of top class quality and have long range brightness with various types of designs. Roof lamps that make your truck cabin light up and have high performance SMD. Fog lamp innova, Fog lamp tavera, fog lamp swift with DRL, Roof Lamp 12/24V. 

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  • Football/Side/Kiran Lights


 TRENDY truck parts brings you different types of Football lights, Side lights and Kiran Lights to help you create a unique presence of your truck as per your imagination. Get unique and classic designs for truck body lights in Sri lanka such as side indicators, corner chassis lights, parking lights, kiran lights, football lights, etc. 

truck parts Sri Lanka

  • Wiper Arm and blade


Get wiper arm and blade truck parts with good quality rubber and durable metal mouldings which cleans your truck windshield like a professional and makes sure you have clear and long range visibility on the roads of Sri Lanka. Wiper arm blade set ALFA, Wiper U Blade 12” – 24”, Wiper carbon plate, Wiper lock big/small, wiper wheel box nut, etc. 

truck parts Sri Lanka

  • Eye Cat 


Increase the road presence of your truck with our heavy build quality Eye cats which consist of premium quality reflectors with finest glass coating. Get various colours for Eye cats such as blue, red, green and yellow. Eye cat for all types of LCV/HCV in Sri Lanka such as eye cat dala, eye cat round, eye cat triangle NHP, eye cat with light, eye cat multi, eye cat with SMD DRL, etc. 

truck parts Sri Lanka

  • Mirrors 


Make your every journey safe on the beautiful roads of Sri Lanka with our best in class quality side mirrors which are made of durable body material and the finest glass that gives you accurate and clear rear vision. Mirrors for trucks with body lights are also available. For eg; Side mirror swaraj, side mirror alto, side mirror iris, side mirror jeeto, side mirror TURBO, etc.  

truck parts Sri Lanka


TRENDY truck parts is the one-stop-shop destination for all your truck spare parts need in Sri Lanka!