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Why are trucks so important in India?

Over past years, goods transportation by road has gained considerable importance in India. Road freight transportation is the backbone of commerce and trade. Over 71.3% of the goods transported through the land are carried by trucks. Transportation of goods via truck provides benefits like door-to-door service, faster delivery and is also cheaper than other modes of transportation.

When is the last time you did an overall survey of your truck?
These trucks are a major source of earning for a lot of individuals and organizations but being a major mode for transportation of goods and services through rough terrains and rocky areas, trucks and their parts are very likely to sustain damage and ask for maintenance and new truck spare parts from time to time. There are various types and qualities of truck spare parts available in the Indian aftermarket but what quality to choose is always in your hands.

 In this blog, we are going to learn about our top 15 most selling, best in quality truck spare parts available in Indian truck spare parts aftermarket and when they can come in handy

Rubber bumpers parts

These top selling truck parts are most vulnerable to damage but it is what they are made for! As truck spare parts rubber bumpers are fixed in the front and rear of a truck and its trailer, and their purpose is to prevent the body from sustaining minimal damage like scratches and dents, they also help absorb the energy of a low impact on the body if comes in contact with a wall or another vehicle while loading and unloading.Truck Rubber Spare Parts

Wheel bearings

No one wants to drive a truck on tires with a risk to lock up, don’t you think? Damaged wheel bearings can cause the tires to crack or break away from the truck and put the life of the driver and the public in danger. This pair of truck parts is located around the rotatory axis at the center of a wheel which allows them to revolve smoothly along roads and tight turns.Truck Wheel Bearing Spare parts

Brake Parts

Well, you’ve got to come to a stop in time while carrying valuable payload and lives. One of the most important chassis truck parts is the brakes, worn-out brake pads can cause the brake disc to heat up due to friction and also affect the braking power of the truck. On uncertain Indian roads, fresh and good-quality brake system truck spare parts can make a difference in life and death. It is a smart decision to get your brakes replaced every 6 months.Truck Brake Parts Spare Parts

Light bulbs and fuses

While driving a huge truck along the roads, we want you to be safe and aware of the surroundings, especially at night time. Replacing damaged light with fresh electrical truck spare parts like bulbs and fuses will not only make the surroundings visible to the driver but also alert the other drivers about the presence of the large truck on road.Truck Light And Fuse Parts Spare Parts

Wiper Blades

Today, when we talk about commerce and trade, we know that transportation stops at nothing and we all understand how dust and rainfall can be an obstacle in many ways but especially if you cannot see the road. Trucks operate back and forth in every season. Using fresh truck spare parts like wiper blades, the old ones wear off not only prevents damage to the windshield but also helps the trucker to see clearly under rough weather conditions.Truck Wiper Blade Parts Spare Parts


Who doesn’t like their windshield to be clean as crystal? Well, using screen wash in your truck is a quick and simple task; it not only stops the wiper blades being a truck part from smearing but also prevents the windscreen itself from freezing over during the winter months.


The condition of the truck and its drive is directly related, the better the condition, the better the drive. Using lubricants regularly over the moving truck parts and mechanical truck parts will allow them to function smoothly and effectively and will also prevent them from heating and breaking apart due to friction.Lubricant For Truck

Oil filters and Air filters

Just like us, our trucks also need to have clean air to breathe in to keep them up and running; according to experts Oil filters and air filters should be replaced at every alternate service of your truck. As necessary trucks spare part, it will not only help the vehicle to emit less and less pollution but will also prevent having engine-related problems like stalling, over-heating, etc.Truck Air Filter And Oil Filter Parts

Tarpaulin and canvas coverings

As we know, you don’t want your valuable goods to be damaged. Tarpaulin and canvas coverings are used on truck trailers with an open-top; this truck spare part protects the goods that have the potential of damage from things like rain, wind, dust, sunlight, etc.Tarpulin and canvas covering for truck

Battery Parts

It is a must-have electrical truck spare part for long journey truckers. A truck can survive without it but cannot perform necessary functions. These products come in handy when the truck is stranded with no mechanical help around. A faulty battery can cause a truck to stop functioning properly and even stall to a stop. Replacing the old battery with an extra one every 2 years can avoid this problem.Truck Battery Parts

Jump starters

If you do not have an extra battery on you to replace the faulty one, there’s no need to worry, truck spare parts such as these won’t charge the battery but will rather provide the necessary amperage just like an electric shock to revive an engine and get the truck moving.Jump Starter For Vehicle

Wheel Cables

One of the most selling truck spare parts is the wheel cables as they act as a spine for the modern trucks. Most of the trucks used for transportation have a power steering column; these cables are an important truck part as it helps to provide necessary electrical connections and signals between the steering wheel components and the steering column which consist of many electric circuits to make the truck function smoothly.
Wheel Cables For Truck

Windshields and window glasses

A cracked window can never be a good sign for the driver, don’t you agree?; Truck spare parts such as windshield and window glasses protect the trucker and passengers from unwanted material like rainy winds, flying debris, insects, rocks, etc., and also help to maintain the aerodynamic flow of air around the vehicle.

Truck Windshield And Window Glasses

Suspension joints and brackets

Nobody likes it if the journey gets too bumpy. Truck spare parts for suspension plays a major role for a truck moving down the road; it absorbs all the bumps along the road and provides overall stability to the truck. A faulty suspension could lead a truck to lean towards aside due to the weight of goods and also damage the lower chassis. One should always get the truck’s suspension replaced or checked at every annual service.

Radiator and cooling system

Just like we need water to beat the heat outside, a radiator is the central component of a vehicle’s cooling system, truck parts tend to heat up due to heavy payload, and the radiator is a crucial truck part as it monitors and regulates the temperature of the engine and prevents it from overheating by passing liquid coolant regularly. A faulty radiator could often cause the coolant segment to heat up and break. Some new radiator truck spare parts can solve this issue.


Always keep your truck maintained and it will never bail out on you. Give your trucks the best they can have, use our best-in-class truck spare parts with hassle-free fitment and top-rated performance quality by experts all over India. 

Drive Safe!


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