Best Truck Chassis Parts in Sri Lanka

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TRENDY, one of the leading names in the automotive spare parts sector of India. But, do you know what makes us the biggest supplier of aftermarket truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka? 

Truck Chassis Parts, Sri Lanka

  • 30+ years of experience in the Auto parts Industry. 
  • Services, that we provide to our customers 24*7 before and after sales. 
  • Quality, that no one can compete with all over India. 
  • Prices that do not require any bargain and 
  • on time and safe delivery of our goods. 

These are the elements that help us build goodwill, not just for us but for our dealers too. TRENDY is one of the oldest and biggest players in the automotive sector delivering durable truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka since the past decade. 


We provide top quality truck chassis parts that are tested by experts. One can find every auto electrical and chassis truck spare parts for any repair or maintenance. 


Explore a wide range of more than 4900+ truck spare parts and nearly 1500 universal truck chassis parts applicable to any model truck model in Sri Lanka. Truck spare parts with a price list that is the best in the aftermarket. 


Get 95% stock availability with a 60 hr dispatch assurance after order confirmation. Get durable quality truck chassis parts delivered all over India and neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. 


To get our truck spare parts catalogue with a price list, simply register on or just call +91 8700576954 and connect with our highly skilled sales executives, always there to assist you 24*7.    


TRENDY truck parts brings you the Widest Range of truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka:

Air system parts


TRENDY has a wide range of products when it comes to supplying truck spare parts for compressed air systems of a truck. For these compressed air systems, our selection ranges from various connection truck spare parts like air duct pipe, stake pipe, air intake(handpump), etc, and shell parts like air compressor plate, P.T.O cylinder pump, head plate, etc. Truck chassis parts for air compressed systems with the best price and top-rated quality in Sri Lanka.  


Washers and shims


TRENDY provides you with a wide range of premium quality truck chassis parts. Washers and shims are used to offset some mechanical discrepancies or to distribute the effort of tightening a screw on an element. We have a wide range of washers and shims with a variety of base materials such as aluminium, copper, steel, chrome, etc. Washers and shims truck chassis parts with different sizes and diameters for trucks and tractors in Sri Lanka.




No matter how big or how tiny the truck chassis part is, you name it and we have it. TRENDY has a variety of nut/bolts/plug/valves for every model you see on the road in Sri Lanka. For all the maintenance your truck needs, each of the products is of premium quality and tested for durability. 


Nut: Nut for truck spare parts are available in different materials like steel, brass, and iron with various diameter sizes, for eg- MARUTI TYPE NUT(10mm,8mm,6mm), MAIN SHAFT NUT GB75, AXLE CHECK NUT L/L 370, etc., for any section or part of your vehicle.


Bolts: Premium quality bolts are available in various sizes and base materials, bolts for every truck part from INDIA’s leading aftermarket truck spare part dealers. Durability and quality tested by the experts. Bolts, such as MARUTI TYPE BOLT, BANJO BOLT, AIR FILTER BOLT, etc.


Plugs: A variety of truck chassis parts plugs are available at TRENDY. Superior quality plugs for all types of truck models. Some of our popular products are DRAIN PLUG, CHAMBER PLUG HEENO, PLUG EXPANSION for cylinder block kit EURO.  


Valves: High-end quality valves for flow regulation, smooth mechanical functions, and over-pressure protection are available for various truck models for TATA, EICHER, LEYLAND, BHARAT BENZ, etc. A few of our top selling products under valves are FEED pump valve, DDU valve, Thermostat valve, overflow valve, etc. 


Fuel System Parts


We want your truck to run in every terrain and go wherever you drive it, for that you’ll need your fuel system to run properly to power your engine. TRENDY has got you covered with their superior quality fuel system parts as we are the leading truck chassis parts dealer in Sri Lanka and in India since 2015.


 Our range of truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka for fuel systems includes a Pre-filter nylon strainer, FEED pump valve, FEED pump repair kit, Pre-filter glass assembly, fuel strainer, etc, and much more. 


Gear parts


Transmission is the key element of a vehicle that connects the driver and gives him control of every movement of the truck, without the transmission working properly it is impossible to keep control over the power of the engine and drive accordingly.


 TRENDY provides you with its exclusive range of gear parts in Sri Lanka to keep you moving. Some of our popular gear parts are gear lock set GB 1150, Gear lever end set AMW, Gear lever boot Bolero, Gearbox mounting, Gear Synchro Kit, etc.


Springs and pins


In the world of trucking, we know that if even the smallest piece of a part is faulty, it can still create a huge problem for the driver and the truck. These small parts are very difficult to repair due to their size and the pressure applied to them and are usually replaced with a new one. Well, TRENDY”s wide range of truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka include even the smallest spare parts that one might require.


Springs: Springs are an essential part of many automotive chassis components used in every type of commercial vehicle. For example, a fuel pump spring is essential to pull the plunger outward creating a lower pressure pulling fuel into the chamber from the inlet valve. Other spring parts are also available such as pressure plate spring, brake shoe spring, clutch spring, etc. 


Pins: Truck chassis parts such as a shackle pin for once, it is used in the shackle of a heavy-duty commercial vehicle which holds the shackle in place while it is locked onto a load or trailer. Shackles can be used in several different rigging and load securement applications to connect different types of lifting slings, chains, or ropes to an object or each other. Other spare part pins include the KAMANI pin, rear KAMANI pin, Bell Crankpin, etc. 

Suspension Parts: 

Suspension is a major element of vehicles, especially if it is a commercial vehicle carrying payloads all day through different types of terrains and in extreme weather conditions. The suspension system works with the help of many parts such as rack ends, spring, shock absorbers, tie rod ends, suspension bushes, stabilizer ball joints, and straight arms. 


A fine working suspension is essential to keep the vehicle in control and absorb the bumps and tight turns easily while moving at a considerable speed of a commercial vehicle on Sri Lankan Roads.


Clamps and connectors:


With heavy machinery comes more power, and to make sure that this power is properly distributed to every part of a commercial vehicle, you need durable connections. To cater to this need, TRENDY offers you a wide range of clamps and connector truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka which includes HOSE CLAMP, T-BOLT CLAMP, PU JOINTER, LOCK PVC, JUPITER CLAMP, L TYPE BRASS CONNECTOR, DHOLKI CLAMP, UNION NUT, T UNION, etc.


Brake parts: 


When we talk about the most vital components of a commercial vehicle, brakes are surely one of them. It is necessary to keep the truck’s brakes in a functioning condition by regular checking and cleaning. Worn-out brake shoes or brake pads can pose risk for the truck driver and the travellers on the road. 

Browse through our vast range of truck chassis parts and find durable truck brake parts such as Slack Adjuster, Brake Shoe Rivet, D.D.U valve, Brake Adjuster, and brake Oil Bottle, Brake Shoe pin Ley, Brake Shoe Pin Lock, Brake Rachid, etc.


Caps and locks:


There are a few segments of a commercial vehicle that are built to store the necessary gas and fluid that are required for the truck to run properly. The purpose of a radiator cap is to seal the tank properly and avoid any leakage while the vehicle is moving on bumpy or rugged roads in Sri Lanka. The other vital component is a urea tank, diesel exhaust fluid uses automotive grade urea which has a much higher purity. 


Our range of truck part caps and locks include wheel cap York, Diesel tank cap- Maan, Diesel tank cap-Volvo, Radiator cap- Maruti, oil cap-bolero, Radiator cap-universal, urea tank cap-Bharat Benz, Tappet Cap Steel, Coolant tank cap-universal, Diesel tank lock, etc. 


Engine Parts:


Eventually, heavy-duty diesel engines reach their limits and can break down due to various reasons under different circumstances. When these engines malfunction, it is not necessary to call them quits and order a complete replacement which can cost a lot of both, time and money. What you can do instead is repair them with ease by ordering the right truck chassis parts for your engine.

CV Engine spare parts such as front engine mounting, chassis mounting, oil filters, hand primer, water separator, water pump impeller, rear engine mounting, connecting rods, head washers, stop cable, etc. are made available in no time with our doorstep delivery and 60hr order dispatch guarantee in Sri Lanka after confirmation.  



Cooling and Radiator System parts: 


Diesel-powered commercial vehicle engines generate heat from the Power stroke combustion and the heat is conducted to the various parts of the engine. The temperature of the engine increases with time when running continuously. That is why there is a need for a radiator and cooling system for the engine. 

Our high performance and durable range of radiator system truck chassis parts include.

Brake Oil Bottle, Coolant Tank Assembly, Grab Handle 3118, Radiator Pipe with Cap, viscous,  Fan Distance etc. 


Steering System Parts


Undoubtedly, the steering system is one of the important parts of the vehicle as they help in moving the vehicle in the direction of the vehicle driver. Steering cross along with the steering rod are connected to the steering wheel through a u joint coupling or universal joint cross.

 It helps in two way movements of the rod when the steering wheel is rotated left or right. With the steering rod attached to the steering joint, as the steering wheel/ column is rotated left or right, the steering rod moves in circular motion with the help of the steering cross joint. 

A typical steering cross assembly looks like this with a uj cross in the center for four way movement around the joint. Our wide range of truck chassis parts for steering system parts include Steering Yoke and Teeth, UJ cross, Steering cross assembly, Alternator bolt, Power Steering bolts, speedometer cable, etc. 

So the next time you are looking for superior quality truck chassis parts in Sri Lanka with the lowest price list, you know where to find them!