Top 4 Truck Problems and the Spare Parts You Need

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Road freight transportation in India:

Before we tell you about the Top 4 Truck Problems and the Spare Parts You Need, it is neccessary to know that road freight transportation is the backbone of many industries and businesses that require everyday delivery of heavy payloads. 70% of the goods in India are transported by truck, tractors and lorries. To meet the time-bounded deadlines and to ensure on time delivery of goods, the regular maintenance these HCVs and LCVs require are often ignored by the driver or the contractor. 

Some of the minor issues faced by a truck driver are generally taken care of by the driver itself with the help of minimum tools that are provided with the vehicle. But, there are some issues that require the need of proper tools and knowledge. That is why it is essential to know about the common but major problems that can be faced during the journey and to also know when your truck needs a regular maintenance check.



Usually over long journeys or a tight schedule delivery, an engine problem could result in loss of both time and money. Various truck parts such as a faulty pin to a blown radiator pipe or something related to the fuel tank can be some of the common reasons for engine overheating or failure if they are ignored for a reasonable period of time.

Therefore, it is crucial to consult a professional on a regular basis to review and identify the signs of overheating of your truck. This way, in the long run it will be beneficial as it will save crucial time and also keep it from burning a hole in your pocket. 

The most commonly required spare engine parts for the maintenance of a truck are: Air Filter cap, Oil Gaze Wire, Oil Filter, King Pin Kit, Water Pump Impellor etc.

The average cost of engine related repairs in India is around 20,000 INR, comparatively it will cost much less if you opt for quality aftermarket truck spare parts and maintain your truck timely before it shows any major sign of overheating or failure. 



A truck in itself has a lot of weight and when driven with heavy payload on the back or the carrier, the pressure required to stop the truck while braking increases and results in heating of the brake plate and wear and tear of the brake calipers. Some other reasons for break system issues are a faulty brake pedal, brake wire or brake lever. 

If the truck is not maintained effectively , brake fluid leaks or total brake failure can occur which can put the lives of both driver and pedestrians in danger. However, the E- BRAKE or the independent brake allows the driver to stop the vehicle during the time of danger but it cannot be considered completely safe. 

The most commonly required brake system parts for the maintenance of a truck are: Brake Oil Bottle, Brake Adjuster, Brake Shoe pin, Brake Chamber Plate, Brake Shoe Rivet etc. 


The average cost of brake system related repairs in India is between 5,000 – 10,000 INR depending upon the issue or damage and it could be very cost efficient if you choose quality aftermarket truck spare parts for your brake system and get them serviced timely.



  One of the most essential components of a truck that keeps it moving is the Gear System. It plays a major role in delivering the right amount of power from the engine to the wheels in different driving conditions and speed.  A fault in the gear system can cause the gears to slip resulting in uneven power delivery to the wheels and can prove to be dangerous in some particular driving situations such as uphill climb, wet surfaces and off road terrains.

There are many reasons that can cause issues in the gear system such as damaged clutch plate, broken clutch wire, faulty clutch pedal, etc which can even cause the truck to be stranded at one place. 

The most commonly requested gear parts for the maintenance of a truck are: Gear lever, Synchronizer Ring, Gear Box Retainer, Gear Shifter Rod, Gear Shifting Lever, etc.

The average cost of Gear System related repairs in India is between 5,000-30,000 INR depending upon the fault or issue. If there is a major issue and the whole gearbox is needed to be placed, then it can be very expensive and time consuming. Always try to maintain the Gear System with quality aftermarket truck spare parts from time to time to save yourself from a huge expenditure.



Suspension plays a major role to keep your truck stable and balanced while moving on the road. It is very important to have a properly functioning suspension System for a truck while carrying heavy payload or making sharp turns. A faulty suspension can prove to be very dangerous as it can cause wear and tear to the tires and cause the truck to lean too much to a side while making a sudden change of lanes or a sharp turn.

A faulty suspension can make the ride very bumpy and also result in damage to the goods or payload. Few signs of a suspension related issue are clunking noises while hitting a bump, hovering front end, irregular tyre wear and vibrations while driving.

The most commonly requested suspension parts for the maintenance of the truck are: Tie Rod End, Rack Ends, Ball joints, Hydraulic Cylinder, King pin Tikki, etc. 

The average cost of Suspension System related repairs in India vary from 10,000-30,000 INR depending upon the fault or issue. It will be wise to go for regular service with quality aftermarket truck spare parts for the suspension system to work properly in the long run and to prevent it from giving out at a crucial point during the journey. 


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