9 Important Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

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 Driving in Winters

Winter driving tips for truck drivers are necessary for all automobile owners, especially in India. An HCV in itself is a very heavy machinery which is used to carry heavy payloads and can get quite hard to handle in comparison to its smaller versions, majorly because of the ice on roads which makes it lose traction and the heavy fog making it very difficult to see ahead. Low visibility is a barrier for many truck drivers as the foggy days and nights make it difficult to drive around, thereby increasing the chances of collisions and crashes. 


As the winters in India this year is said to be unusually long and challenging, here are 9 important winter driving tips for truck drivers:


  • Pre-journey Inspection

important winter driving tip 1
Pre-journey Inspection

As a truck driver, especially in India, the first step should be a proper inspection of the vehicle before leaving for the journey. A pre-journey inspection helps you to identify any pre-existing problem in the vehicle and can rule out the chances of facing issues on the route, if any problem to the vehicle is diagnosed, be sure that you use only top quality truck spare parts  to ensure a safe and secure journey for the driver and to avoid any damages to the payload. 

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  •  Drive Slow when needed

important winter driving tip 2
Follow speed limits

As the roads in winters are slippery and icy, you should know when to slow the speed down according to the road and weather conditions ahead. Driving at a high speed on icy roads can lead to under-steering and loss of control over the vehicle later resulting in collisions or the truck getting jack-knifed. It might take you more time to make the delivery but it will also allow you as the driver to react in time in case of any emergency. Always go for high performance brake parts at the time for any maintenance or repair. 


  • Be more careful on Bridges

important winter driving tip 3
Be cautious on elevated structures

During very low temperatures, especially at night, elevated structures like bridges and expressways tend to freeze first and a thin layer of ice is created on the road which we call ‘black ice’. Black ice is not nearly visible to the eyes as it is transparent due to crystal clear ice on the road. So you should be more cautious when going up or running down from such structures. Use necessary rubber parts and body parts to give your truck the required traction and body to weight ratio. 


  •  Attention to the tires

important winter driving tip 4
Always check the tyre pressure

In winters, it is very important to check the condition of the tires before leaving for a journey. The condition of the tires can directly affect the level of handling and steering you will get on the road. Worn out tires with low grip can lead the truck to slip away and use more distance than usual to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. It is suggested that you inflate the tires to the recommended pressure before every journey and to invest in all-season or winter tires for better and safe driving. Always ensure that your vehicle has heavy duty suspension parts and steering parts for additional assistance. 


  • Watch your Step  

important winter driving tip 5
Wear proper gear

Mainly in winters, the steps of your commercial vehicle becomes slippery because of all the moisture and dirt which is collected on the metal steps. You should be careful while entering and exiting the truck as one wrong foot can lead to skidding injuries. Wear all the protective gear like rubber gloves and snow boots for necessary grip while grabbing or boarding the vehicle. Only buy durable chassis parts and truck parts from a trusted truck spare parts supplier.  


  • Keep safe distance

important winter driving tip 6
Maintain distance

Just like slowing down is necessary on wet and icy roads, it is also very important to keep a safe distance from the vehicles in the front and the back of the truck. It is recommended that you keep ten times the driving distance as compared to the one on a dry sunny day. Doing such will create a safer driving environment for you and other fellow drivers as it will give them ample amount of time to react to things such as sudden braking and skid offs. Use premium quality electrical truck parts such as fog lamps, headlights and more to give your truck a visible presence on foggy days. Use only high performance break system parts for trucks to ensure on time response.

  • Pull-over, when in doubt

important winter driving tip 7
Pull over in case of emergency

The first thing that is important is the safety of the truck driver and fellow drivers on the road. If the driver feels that the weather conditions are too risky to drive, it is suggested that you should pull over the truck immediately at a safe spot away from the speed lanes. Use eye cats and truck light parts to indicate emergency or break down whenever you are  at halt near the highway, especially on foggy nights.


  • First AID and emergency supplies

important winter driving tip 8
Pack proper supplies

An emergency can occur at any place and at any time. You don’t know who could get injured or need medical assistance, so always keep a first aid kit and necessary tools as in some cases it could prove to be a life saver. Also, the distance between restrooms and stops are quite long on the highways and in many cases the driver gets stranded at nowhere when the truck breaks down. Keeping necessary tools can help you to fix minor issues and get moving again.

  • Buy truck spare parts of trusted brand
winter driving tip 9

Another suggestion would be to only buy quality truck spare parts for your truck by a trusted supplier. It is one of the unsaid but important winter driving tips as the truck parts you use for the repair or maintenance as the handling and durability of your truck depends on it. You wont like if poor quality parts will make your CV break down time to time and cause you the loss of both time and money.


The above stated points are few of the winter driving tips for the truck drivers who keep the business running and complete the deadlines on time by showcasing their skills and senses.


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