9 Truck Engine Damage Symptoms

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As the heart of your commercial vehicle, the truck engine provides the necessary power that is needed to move the heavy freight and payload across the country. When there is damage to the engine, the truck’s performance is also affected. Some of the truck engine damage symptoms take time to show visible affect to the engine. Therefore if you notice these early signs, you can save both your time and money before they cause any major harm to the vehicle. 


  • Strange noises coming from the Engine

There are an ample number of moving parts in a truck’s engine. If there is a clicking, hissing or knocking sound coming from the engine bay, it might be a sign indicating that there is a leakage or wear and tear to the engine parts like pistons and valve. Take your truck to a trusted mechanic as soon as you witness such noises as ignoring it might lead to a major problem and could also cause the engine to die completely. Be sure to ask your mechanic for durable and high performance truck engine parts like oil filters, engine mountings, crank spacer, water pump, etc.  


  • Oil patches left under the car

A clear sign of a leakage is the presence of oil puddles under your truck every time you leave it stationary for a while. This means that there is a crack or hole in the oil hose from which the oil is escaping the vehicle. Low amount of engine oil can create more friction between the moving parts and cause the engine to overheat and keep it from working smoothly. Oil leaks can easily happen through oil seals, oil pumps, pump washers, etc. Get the leak sealed as soon as you notice it. Use durable truck spare parts such as oil seals and rubber parts to prevent such leakage. 


  • Engine running Inconsistently

The sound made by a damaged engine is different and can be easily identified by carefully listening to the bonnet. If the engine is shaking or losing power while revving the vehicle, it means that there is an issue with the engine and needs to be diagnosed by a skilled mechanic. Some easy solutions are to change the spark plugs, check the fuel pipe, air compressor, air intake etc. Be sure to use top quality air system parts and fuel system parts for repairs!


  • Strange smell in the truck’s cabin 

If your truck engine is facing issues, then it won’t be able to combust the fuel properly which will leave a funny smell inside the car cabin. If you smell smoke or oil in your truck then it also indicates that your engine is not able to perform at its maximum. Get your engine checked and ask for high performance truck spare parts for your engine. Always go for premium engine parts as the life of your truck engine depends on them.


  • Lack of Engine Power

It is recommended to get your commercial vehicle serviced or checked if your engine is shaking, losing revs or the truck is facing issues while climbing elevated platforms and structures because of the engine not being able to perform at its maximum or even at usual level of performance. 


  • Engine burning more fuel than usual 

When your truck engine is not able to process fuel properly, it will start using more fuel to provide you with all the power you usually need to get moving along the road. Most of the trucks have visible indicators on the dashboard which alarms the driver when there is something wrong with the engine. To save yourself from a heavy expense, get your truck engine checked if you notice it using more fuel. 


  • Type of smoke coming from the exhaust

The exhaust could be producing dense smoke due to many reasons. The color of the smoke can indicate the type of issue with your truck engine and its cause.

If the smoke is black, it indicates that your truck engine has improper combustion which leads to burning more fuel than usual. This could be due to:

  1. A damaged air filter
  2. A clogged fuel return line
  3. Mechanical damage in the engine
  4. Damaged fuel injectors
  5. Malfunctioning sensors

Gray smoke can indicate various different things, making it challenging to diagnose. Possible reasons are:

  1. Problems with your transmission fluid
  2. A stuck PCV valve
  3. Excessive oil consumption

Dark blue smoke indicates that your truck engine is burning oil. This is due to oil leaking into your engine’s combustion chamber. This can be caused by:

  1. Worn out piston rings
  2. Damaged valve seals
  3. Other worn or damaged engine components


  • Your check engine light is ON

Dashboard warning lights are a way for the truck ECU to let you know about the issues detected by its On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system. If your Check Engine Light (CEL) is ON, you should not ignore it, as avoiding the issue can cause more damage to your truck engine over time. There are various factors that can trigger a check engine warning light. Some common reasons for a check engine light turning on include:

  1. The Mass-Airflow Sensor is in need of replacement
  2. The catalytic converter is damaged and in need of replacement
  3. The spark plugs are damaged or worn (causing engine misfires)
  4. The Oxygen Sensor needs replacing
  5. The fuel cap isn’t tight enough (a very common, easy to fix issue)
  6. many other electronic sensor and actuator related issues


  •  Overheating of the engine

Most commercial vehicles have a cluster in their dashboard which indicates the temperature of the engine. If your truck engine is getting heated over the temperature mentioned in the user manual or the dashboard indicates that the truck engine bay is getting heated, it is recommended that you immediately seek a professional mechanic as an overheated truck engine can prove to be dangerous for the driver itself. Use only the top quality truck engine parts to prevent such issues from happening oftenly.


The average cost of truck engine related repairs in India vary from 30,000 – 2.05lac INR depending upon the fault or issue. It will be wise to go for regular service with quality aftermarket truck spare parts for the engine to work properly in the long run and to prevent it from giving out at a crucial point during the journey. 

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