Signs to switch your truck spare parts supplier

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Are you aware that your truck spare parts supplier may affect your sales? A non-organized supplier will not be able to fulfill your orders. You might be facing issues while spending most of your time dealing for coordination and follow-ups with the suppliers. It might result in working late and being stressed to deal with such problems on a day to day basis. You might be wondering how you would know if there is a need to change your truck spare parts supplier?  Well, here are some signs that indicate the need to do the same: 

Limited Range of Products

Have you ever ordered any truck part from your supplier and received a reply about the item not being in stock? Maybe the supplier told you that the specific truck part was not available at the time. While it is acceptable for the supplier to not have slow moving parts once in a while, you need to raise a red flag if the same issue is happening regarding the fast moving spare parts that you need to supply and fulfill the demand of the customers regularly. 

Even if the item is not available, the supplier should assure you that the truck spare part will be available and delivered to you before the deadline. A supplier who has a limited range of products will end up disappointing you and it will be hectic for you to connect with different suppliers for different spare parts. As a result you will not be able to get the required spare parts in time. Instead of dealing with such unreliable suppliers, it is better to change and connect with a brand that has a wide range of models and products.

No Quality Control Standards

A good supplier or manufacturer should have proper quality control Standards. These are terms that are laid down to ensure that the customers get quality products. Buyers should get the exact item with the promised quality that they are expecting. If your supplier does not have such standards, you should not engage in doing business with them.

But, how do you know that the supplier does not adhere to quality standards? Check the condition of the spare parts that they have delivered. Are they in good shape? Defective, poor quality or corroded products are the signs that the manufacturer does not follow any quality control standards. Shipping the wrong size or wrong model number is another sign of a reckless manufacturer who is not interested in meeting the expectations of the customers. They don’t take their time to ensure and cross-check that they ship the item that was ordered by the customer.

There is no timeline for Order Dispatch to Customers

You should change your supplier or manufacturer if they keep you in the dark about your order. Such a supplier won’t give you any timeline information about when your truck spare parts have been dispatched from the warehouse, the duration which it will be on the transit and when you should expect to receive the products. A good supplier should be clear and transparent about the timelines. Ideally the supplier should be able to ship the order in 2-3 days after order confirmation.

No In-house Assembly or Packing Facility

If the supplier or manufacturer does not have an in-house packing or assembly facility, don’t waste your time and money on them. Not having a facility simply means that the supplier does not have any spare parts in stock.

Instead, they source the item from other suppliers or manufacturers and sell them under their brand name. This makes the supply chain longer and you will get the order very late.  Also, a long supply chain makes the price of the item relatively high due to many miscellaneous charges .

No Inventory Control

A supplier or manufacturer who does not have proper inventory control is generally un-organized. Without a proper inventory control, the supplier is bound to experience product stock-outs frequently. On most occasions, you won’t get the items that you order due to stock-outs.

The issue of poor inventory control usually affects fast moving items. Given that they are usually in high demand, they can easily run out of stock. So it’s important to have proper inventory management for smooth purchase and sales.

No Dedicated CRM Staff for Customer Orders

A good supplier or manufacturer should have a dedicated CRM staff for each customer. This staff is responsible for handling all the issues that the customers are facing. You should change your supplier once you discover that they don’t have a dedicated and reliable CRM staff. This kind of supplier will take too long to answer your queries and solve the issues you are facing. Lack of a dedicated CRM staff will result in slowing orders and payment from customers.

No Guarantee/ Return Policy

Does your manufacturer/ supplier have a return policy for defective or damaged goods? If not, you better take a step back before you fall into that pit. An ethical manufacturer should allow buyers to return defective and damaged goods or recall the ones that seem to be faulty. By receiving such assurance, you won’t have to worry about anything since you will be sure that the supplier has got your back and will not let you face any kind of loss.

No Tracking Customer Orders

You should change your manufacturer if you don’t get any facility to track your orders from the point of order placement to the point that you receive them. Order tracking can give you an assurance that your orders are safe and you will be in a good position to plan for your orders and arrange staff or labor needed for loading, unloading and verification.

Legal Compliance

You should change your manufacturer if they don’t comply with all the required laws and regulations. Some of these compliances include GST Invoice, GST returns and e-way bill. Do not expect anything good from a supplier who is bending or violating all the laws and regulations. This will also benefit you by saving you from unnecessary lawsuits. 

Reliable Truck Spare Parts Supplier

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