Top 5 Eicher Trucks and their Spare Parts

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Eicher Trucks and Buses


  • When talking about Indian Truck manufacturers, Eicher is one of the foremost brands that stepped into the market at the initial stage with the launch of its first indigenous tractor in the market in 1959.


  • Later in the next year EICHER became EICHER Tractor India Ltd. After acquiring a major stake in Enfield India Ltd, they became what we today know as EICHER Motors Ltd. In 1982, Eicher motors took a step ahead and formed a joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors to manufacture light commercial vehicles. 


  • They joined the revolution and brought their medium-duty 9 tonne and 12-tonne products into the market in the late 90s. 2002 was the year that the brand ventured into the high potential heavy-duty segment and presented the world with its first 16-tonne jumbo truck which was a huge success.


  • This made Eicher and the Volvo group come together in a 50-50 joint venture and establish VE Commercial Vehicles Limited. Together they changed the commercial vehicle market and brought their segment of pro series high-performance trucks with their own Euro 6 engine technology and CNG engine technology for LCV, MCV, HCV.


  • Eicher’s high-end products are loaded with performance upgrades leaving other truck brands behind in the segment of AMT technology and BS IV truck range. Their zero-emission electric vehicles and 7-speed technology gave them the status of global leaders in the CV industry. 


  • EICHER trucks are known for their best-in-class fuel efficiency and affordable truck parts which made them popular among those who require heavy material transport daily.


Described below are the Top 5 Eicher trucks in India:


  • Eicher Pro 2049

Pro 2049 is one of the heavy duty Eicher trucks packing an E483 engine under the bonnet and has a 2.7T @FSD payload. This remarkable Eicher truck is very popular in the CV market due to its efficient mileage, amazing driver comfort and the ample carrier space which makes it very suitable for various applications.

Eicher Truck - Pro 2049

It can carry white goods, vegetables, milk, market load, LPG cylinders, FMCG, couriers, parcels and beverages. Perfectly suitable for long route deliveries and the new generation CRS engine gives it a slight upper hand over other trucks of the same range. For quality repairs choose a supplier which provides OEM built Eicher spare parts.  


  • Eicher Pro 1049

Pro 1049 was launched to bring a revolution in the Indian truck market. It succeeded because of its overall compact size but the huge loading carrier which totally changed the way you load and unload goods. The sharp steering angles saves a lot of time and ensures faster runs as it becomes easier to maneuver in most of the challenging  narrow lanes and corners.

Eicher Truck - Pro 1049

This beast not only provides better driving experience and in cabin comfort but also has best in class fuel efficiency. The Eicher truck is rugged and has highly durable truck parts that lower the cost of maintenance. In short, Eicher Pro 1049 is the ideal choice if you want to expand your business but have a limited or tight budget. Eicher spare parts for Pro 1049 are made available in less than 60 hr across pan India by TRENDY truck parts.   


  • Eicher Pro 1110XP 

Modern technology is a must to cope up with the evolving truck industry of India. Pro 1110XP consists of a superior loading capacity and is powered by a 4 cylinder- 4 valve Eicher E494 high performance CRS engine with Volvo Group EMS 3.0. Equipped  with a modern Advanced Fuel Combustion technology and Hexadrive Transmission, With a superior turn around axis it also offers the best mileage in its segment.

Eicher truck - Pro 1110XP

The deck body of the Pro 1110XP comes in different body sizes and is customizable as per the need and usage . All these qualities make it easy for it to haul white goods, textile, snacks, pharma, industrial goods, FMCG, E-Commerce, couriers and parcels. Additional safety has been taken care of by providing parking brakes, seat belts, and fog lights. Choose only the best electrical and chassis Eicher spare parts to ensure that your truck runs as good as new.


  • Eicher Pro 2095XP

Ideal Eicher truck for carrying white goods, vegetables, poultry, industrial components, FMCG, couriers, parcels, beverages and cement. Renowned as the “king of the roads” , the Pro 2095XP is one of the most comfortable and reliable trucks on the market. 

Eicher Truck - Pro 2095XP

Powered by the E483 engine and 6-Speed Hexa Drive gearbox, Pro 2095XP helps you haul up to 7.2T payload. Its modern day technology will continue to be a level above the curve for coming years. Its efficient mileage and sit back driver comfort takes it way ahead of the closest competition. Eicher spare parts for Pro 2095 XP which require hassle free fitment are available all over India by TRENDY truck parts. 


  • Eicher Pro 1059

This beast crafted with power is an excellent choice for moving FMCG, general goods, grocery boxes etc. If we talk about safety and comfort , Eicher Pro 1059 is a class apart from all other segments. Its adjustable power steering feature is certainly worth bragging about. In all, Eicher Pro 1059 is an ideal partner of tricky roads and short route hauls.

Eicher Truck - Pro 1059

The Eicher Pro 1059, without any question, is the best choice for moving goods around the state or its nearby areas. This exceptional vehicle is powered by a four-cylinder E483 2V CRS BS IV engine. A five-speed gearbox mated to a 275 mm single-plate clutch handles the transmission job. The driver does not require halting at the gas stations at short intervals while cruising on highways or in state traffic because of the best-in-class mileage it offers. Eicher spare parts for Pro 1059 with easy replacement options are made available in every state by TRENDY truck parts.

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